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21st Century Skill - Visual Literacy


Visual literacy is not listed specifically on the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Rainbow, (http://www.p21.org/overview/skills-framework),  but it is an important skill in the 21st Century when we are all bombarded with images, nearly 24/7.

I like the definition located in this techlearning NCREL publication:


"What does it mean to be visually literate? 

Can students interpret, use, appreciate, and create images and video using both conventional and 21st Century media in ways that advance thinking, decision-making, communication and learning?"
enGauge 21st Century Skills for 21stCentury Learners, page 4
There are so many good (and fun) web 2.0 tools that tie in well with visual literacy.  Prezi, Popplet, Tagxedo, Voicethread, ..... you get the idea. (Not to mention apps.) But when looking for a research base for this topic it is hard to know where to begin.  


This website is a good resource compiling many Visual Literacy resources in one place.  And the author updates it on a regular basis. smiley  

If you're looking for a place to start with Visual Literacy, including lesson plans, this may give you some ideas:enlightened


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