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Acceptable Use Policy

ESU 10 District User Accounts # Acceptable Use Policy # Users of ESU 10 provided accounts for applications, equipment, networks and services, are responsible and accountable for their own...


Our schools use both GNENC and Google Gmail email services.  If you are unsure which service you should use to send and receive email, please check with your school IT department. ...

User Accounts-Change your Password

Users may change their passwords via the TUMS Account Management System.  Except in handful of cases, users must change their password in TUMS rather than changing the password in a...

User Accounts

TUMS Account Management System Change your password         Basic Navigation of TUMS         Instructions for Changing your...


Welcome to the Greater Nebraska Educational Network Consortium (GNENC) Knowledge Base, an online collection of articles to help users of all levels find information about our services. ...

Account Password Policy

Password Age: # Passwords will expire in approximately 520 days User will be given notification prior to password expiration and allowed to change before account is locked 30 days (or...

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Services GNENC Online Classroom | ...

Help Links

Help Check Service Status | ...

Server Outage

Over the weekend a seven year old server died and took several websites, some email service and some DNS service with it. The server is operational again, but some of the services are not....


We are experiencing recurring issues with email in terms of rate limiting and the speed at which emails are sent. One of the ways email systems automatically detect spam is the rate at which...

Mail Outage resolved

The mail outage that blocked outgoing mail from today has been resolved.

Outbound email update

The issues with the outbound email server should be resolved.  Any new email should flow right away.  Any email sent earlier this morning will have to hit the retry timer before being...

Outbound email issues

This morning around 6am one of the hard drives on our outbound email server filled up.  You will not be able to send out email if you have a GNENC (ESU) email account until this is...

Outbound email issues

Email sent out from GNENC is currently not flowing because a drive filled up.  This should be resolved soon, but may take a while to get caught up. This should not affect inbound email....

Internet Access Issues

We are currently experiencing network issues and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits down January 3, 2013

Legacy Qwest/Century Link circuits for about 24 minutes at Hemingford, Crawford, Sioux County, Chadron and Rushville went down Wednesday afternoon January 3, 2013. GNENC and/or Network...

Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits down January 2, 2013

Five Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits went down Tuesday afternoon January 2, 2013. I started a ticket with Network Nebraska. It appears that the outage was caused by work being done by...

Moodle access and errors

Moodle access is currently very slow.  You may be seeing the following error message when trying to visit  your Moodle site:     Error: Database connection...

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Welcome to the Greater Nebraska Educational Network Consortium (GNENC) Knowledge Base, an online collection of articles to help users of all levels find information about our services.


Access information for all aspects of Moodle!  Teachers and students will find general Moodle use documents while LAN Managers and school IT department personnel will find the more in-depth information.  The Moodle community also has great free resources users can access if the answer can't be found here.


 Google Apps

Help documents for all Google Apps services including Docs, Gmail, Sites, Contacts, etc.  


Liferay Portal

Not yet available


Mahara ePortfolio

Not yet available


User Accounts/TUMS

User accounts are managed through the TUMS Account Management System, except in a handful of cases.  This is because we utilize a central user directory that works with most of our services. How-to documents and answers to frequently asked questions regarding user account management are found in this section. 


Email Services

GNENC offers full email services including spam filtering, webmail access with SOGo, imap support for desktop mail clients and more.  Here you will find information for everyone from teachers and students to IT personnel.  We also facilitate mail services through Google Gmail to schools that wish to go this route.  This category also addresses Gmail specific documentation.



Calendaring services are offered for users of both GNENC and Google email services.  This section contains resources to help users set up a calendar, connect to the calendar on a desktop or mobile device, and more.


Mac Tips

Useful tips and tricks for your Mac.  Includes ARD commands, scripts, etc.

iBoss Filtering

Support documents and training materials for managing and configuring the iBoss web filter provided by GNENC.


Old Applications

Find articles discussing legacy applications that are no longer supported, or will not be supported in the near future.  In some cases the documents provide information on migrating data from the legacy application to a new application.  Other time they simply discuss new services that replace the legacy application.  Either way, this category has what you need to move forward.

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