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ESU 10 District User Accounts # Acceptable Use Policy # Users of ESU 10 provided accounts for applications, equipment, networks and services, are responsible and accountable for their own...


Our schools use both GNENC and Google Gmail email services.  If you are unsure which service you should use to send and receive email, please check with your school IT department. ...

User Accounts-Change your Password

Users may change their passwords via the TUMS Account Management System.  Except in handful of cases, users must change their password in TUMS rather than changing the password in a...

User Accounts

TUMS Account Management System Change your password         Basic Navigation of TUMS         Instructions for Changing your...


Welcome to the Greater Nebraska Educational Network Consortium (GNENC) Knowledge Base, an online collection of articles to help users of all levels find information about our services. ...

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Password Age: # Passwords will expire in approximately 520 days User will be given notification prior to password expiration and allowed to change before account is locked 30 days (or...

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Server Outage

Over the weekend a seven year old server died and took several websites, some email service and some DNS service with it. The server is operational again, but some of the services are not....


We are experiencing recurring issues with email in terms of rate limiting and the speed at which emails are sent. One of the ways email systems automatically detect spam is the rate at which...

Mail Outage resolved

The mail outage that blocked outgoing mail from today has been resolved.

Outbound email update

The issues with the outbound email server should be resolved.  Any new email should flow right away.  Any email sent earlier this morning will have to hit the retry timer before being...

Outbound email issues

This morning around 6am one of the hard drives on our outbound email server filled up.  You will not be able to send out email if you have a GNENC (ESU) email account until this is...

Outbound email issues

Email sent out from GNENC is currently not flowing because a drive filled up.  This should be resolved soon, but may take a while to get caught up. This should not affect inbound email....

Internet Access Issues

We are currently experiencing network issues and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits down January 3, 2013

Legacy Qwest/Century Link circuits for about 24 minutes at Hemingford, Crawford, Sioux County, Chadron and Rushville went down Wednesday afternoon January 3, 2013. GNENC and/or Network...

Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits down January 2, 2013

Five Legacy Qwest/CenturyLink circuits went down Tuesday afternoon January 2, 2013. I started a ticket with Network Nebraska. It appears that the outage was caused by work being done by...

Moodle access and errors

Moodle access is currently very slow.  You may be seeing the following error message when trying to visit  your Moodle site:     Error: Database connection...

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Sympa-Dynamic List Membership

Sympa list administrators may optionally set up external data sources to allow dynamic population of list members.  This enables schools, for example, to have a constantly up-to-date staff mailing list without any management effort by an administrator.  

1. Navigate to the list management system URL (if you do not know your school's Sympa URL, please contact your ESU technical staff or help desk).

2. Create a new list, or choose an existing list

3. Go to the "Admin" section of the list

4. Go to "Edit List Config"

5. Go to "Data sources setup"

6. Scroll down to the "LDAP query inclusion" section as seen below

7. Fill in the fields based on the pointers below.  Some fields will need to be filled in exactly as below and some will be determined by the users intended to be members of the list.

short name for this source: GNENC (Can be anything descriptive)
remote host:
ssl cipers user: ALL
use SSL (LDAPS): yes
SSL version: sslv3
remote password: (Contact your ESU)
remote user: (Contact your ESU)
suffix: *See explanation below.  This will depends on the users you want on the list
search scope: sub
connection timeout: 300
filter: objectclass=inetorgperson
extracted attribute: mail
selection (if multiple): all

*Suffix explanation: The suffix represents the LDAP dn of the users you want on the list.  For example, if you wanted the Kearney staff you would use something like ou=kearney,ou=esu10,ou=project42,dc=k12,dc=ne,dc=us.  The first "ou=" represents the school and the second "ou=" represents the ESU that school is associated with.  This is for users in the ESU's domain, in this case  If the school has their own domain, the suffix structure is different.
If the school has their own domain, the structure is ou=Staff,,,o=gnenc,dc=k12,dc=ne,dc=us.  The "ou=" represents whether the users included should be "Staff" or "Student" type.  Alternatively, the "ou=" section can be left off to include both staff and students in the list.  The first "o=" section represents the school's domain (such as  The second "o=" represents the ESU's full domain (such as  The rest of the suffix structure should be copied as presented above.  Please contact your ESU for help constructing the suffix if you have questions.  Incorrect suffixes can lead to incorrect users being a part of the list.

8. Save the settings by choosing "Update."  

If all goes well the list will be populated and then updated on a regular interval.  If you get an error message go back and keep trying or contact your ESU for more help.  Data sources can be tricky but can be extremely helpful when configured correctly.

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