An electronic portfolio or ePortfolio is a generic term encompassing as wide a range of types and products as there are reasons for using them. The simplest starting point is to consider an ePortfolio as an extension of the paper based-portfolio, bringing with it the obvious benefit of making a portfolio of evidence portable and shareable anywhere that you have Internet access.

In fact, an ePortfolio has a much broader scope as an online collection of reflections and digital artifacts (such as documents, images, blogs, resumés, multimedia, hyperlinks and contact information). Learners and staff can use an ePortfolio to demonstrate their learning, skills and development and record their achievements over time to a selected audience.

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Sample Mahara

Here is a sample Mahara site.


This is my site (Craig Hicks) to share with teachers when providing Mahara training sessions as an example of what can be created. There are currently 4 pages that have started, but are still in the beginning stages of development. In the center of the Mahara page is a Google presentation that shows screen shots of the setup and develpment of a Mahara site. While this site is an example of what can be done to support professional development, my goal is to share this with teachers that will guide students through the process of developing an electronic portfolio to document evidence of learning.

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