We are experiencing recurring issues with email in terms of rate limiting and the speed at which emails are sent.

One of the ways email systems automatically detect spam is the rate at which email is delivered.  With large organizations like GNENC normal mail can be fast enough to be "thought" of as spam.


We are working to rate limit our outgoing mail so that we do not trigger these temporary spam labels.  In the interim it may take longer than normal for your mail to be delivered.


Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Server Outage

Over the weekend a seven year old server died and took several websites, some email service and some DNS service with it.

The server is operational again, but some of the services are not.  Updates forthcoming.

Mail Outage resolved

The mail outage that blocked outgoing mail from today has been resolved.

Outbound email issues

This morning around 6am one of the hard drives on our outbound email server filled up.  You will not be

able to send out email if you have a GNENC (ESU) email account until this is resolved.  This should not

affect inbound email at all.

Outbound email update

The issues with the outbound email server should be resolved.  Any new email should flow right away.  Any email sent earlier this morning will have to hit the retry timer before being sent.  This email should still be sent, but may take a few more hours.

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